Safety Policy Statement

Covered Transportation LLC. has established its Fleet Safety Policy to emphasize the commitment of CTL. to the safety of our drivers and the general public.


Covered Transportation LLC. recognizes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) as the basic standards of our safety program and will meet or exceed such standards as they apply to our operations. The federal government has adopted these regulations for interstate fleet operations; and, the states that we operate in have adopted some or all of them for intrastate fleet operations.


Vehicle accidents cause suffering to our employees, customers and the general public. They impact the company through direct losses or increased operation expenses. By implementing this Fleet Safety Policy we can reduce or eliminate accidents and have a positive impact on our operations.


Senior management will be responsible for implementing the elements of the Fleet Safety Policy as outlined in our Driver's Training Manual. All managers and supervisors will have the responsibility to follow this policy and to assist drivers under their supervision to meet the requirements of this program. All drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles and performing their assigned duties in accordance with this policy.