Dry Vans (Enclosed Trailer)

Covered Transportation, LLC. has capability to service the entire contiguous U.S. and concentrates on truckloads that deliver timely. Through our network of affiliated carriers we can provide expedited service in all major freight lanes in the US. We understand our customer needs and maintain our strong commitment to improving quality. Our professionals have the expertise move shipments safely timely and in the most cost effective manner. Through excellent communication with our customers and drivers we accomplish the proper planning, scheduling and on-time performance customer’s demand. Let your business become our business.

Refrigerate Trucking

Get the Refrigerated Shipping Solutions You Need
The nature of today’s business challenges presses you to gain more control of your frozen and refrigerated shipping. The pressures are the same whether you are manufacturer shipping to a customer, or a logistics manager trying to get control of your inbound shipments.
Don’t play Russian roulette when choosing a frozen or refrigerated trucking company. Covered Transportation, LLC. has many years of experience in temperature-controlled shipping, and continues to develop innovative and efficient ways to meet customer challenges.