Our Values

Accountability, consistency, efficiency, ethics, honesty, integrity, open communication, respect, and safety, are values Covered Transportation holds with high esteem.


Accountability – be responsible for our actions and take ownership of them.
Consistency – maintain uniformity and adherence to principles and services.
Efficiency – accomplish tasks and responsibilities with specified time and effort.
Ethics – recognize what is right. Do what is right. Promote what is right.
Honesty – be truthful with all things, tasks, responsibility and services. Be honest. Live honest. Work honest.
Integrity – have depth of rightness, character, and values and do it.
Open Communication – speak openly and respectfully to all. Be mindful of what we say and how we say it.
Respect – Treat others with the same professionalism and character we expect of ourselves.
Safety – Make safety our #1 priority. Always look for ways to be Safe.

Like a well-oiled machine requires parts and functionality in order to run smoothly, so to, we understand these values are essential to establishing and maintaining successful working relationships internally and externally. We at Covered Transportation are looking to forge an integral working relationship with Independent Contractors, owner operators and organizations in need of freight and management services that embrace the values we stand by. Combining astounding work ethic and life experience, “know-how”, and business knowledge, we are confident to forge a win-win relationship.